Raspberry Pi-Getting started with the revolutionary computer


Are you hearing the name “Raspberry Pi” for the first time? Then you must really recheck your reading habits! I must say that you are not up to date with the latest happenings around the world 😉 Well, Raspberry Pi is nothing more than a small, customizable computer. When you read “computer, don’t think that it’s something like an Ipad or a Samsung Galaxy Note. Raspberry Pi is an educational product designed for students/hobbyists to learn computer easily.  It is available in the market for USD 25 and USD 35 and is manufactured and marketed by Raspberry Pi Foundation – a nonprofit educational foundation in the UK A diagram of “Raspberry Pi” taken from their website is shown below.


Image Source: circuitstoday.com

Seeing the diagram, you can easily guess about the customization scopes of Raspberry Pi. It comes with a 700Mhz ARM processor, 256 MB RAM, an audio jack, USB port, Ethernet, RCA Video jack, HDMI port, SD card slot and LED holders. So it is more like an educational board in which you can make lots of interesting applications. You can read a lot about the history of Raspberry Pi – its formation, alpha boards etc on the wiki :- Raspberry Pi Wiki 

Jon Orlin has written a great article on how to get started with Raspberry Pi at the beginning -like how to setup the operating system etc. His article is available in techcrunch :- How to get started with Raspberry Pi 

Now what do you think are the possibilities of a board like Raspberry Pi ? What all stuffs can you make? Just read the 2 articles below. It will give you an idea of the scope of something like Raspberry Pi or an Arduino.

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